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This series of work refers to the concept of intercorporeity as the possibility of exchanging parts or pieces between human beings, in the clinical spectrum this is possible thanks to the new biomedical technologies. In the creative, these exchanges produce another reading, with its different forms of formal concretion, links between the possible processes of constitution of a body and its close relationship with the transformations or transmutations as an object can be created. Once understood as an “object entity” and referring to the concept of body-object, various ideological positions can diversify the reading of the work, according to the different artistic appropriations that make the representation possible. In this case, the radiographs are the vehicle that carries meaning that reconfigures the body without the flesh and without the way we think of it, but that is still a concept that is susceptible to intercoporeity.

The modules are a formal synthessis of different bone cells. The color of the radiographs varies depending on whether the plaque is expired, bad taken or veiled at the time of exposure. Modules of X-rays recovered in laser cut assembled by hand.

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